Monday, September 22, 2008

Plushie Ninja

I'm not proud. I shamelessly pinched the idea of a plush ninja from Shawnimals, a fantastic company who make very, very cute things (if I say enough good things, do you think they'll forgive me? Hope so!). This was a patternless job, using three pieces of felt (black and beige), two buttons for eyes and a piece of silver card for the mad shuriken (a last-minute addition but well worth it for the rad factor). I knocked him up by hand one afternoon for my friend Jack's birthday (you can see him stealthing his new owner in the bottom photo). I was ultimately inspired by my sis-in-law's astounding plush creations - when she has her own website I'll link you up. Gorgeously quirky, beautifully made stuff. *sigh* I'll get there one day, right?


Shawnimal said...

Hey! We're flattered. And no problem as long as you don't sell them! ;)

Buggles said...

Haha awesome!! 'Course I wouldn't - my ghetto craft stylings are only good enough for my hapless chumps... er, lovely friends and fam. Thanks, guys! :)