Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jin Kazama (Tekken 4)

This is one of my two first cosplays, made especially for Tom for our trip to Manifest (the Melbourne Anime Festival) in 2007. I cannot describe how many tears I shed over this costume - I learned the hard way that applique is almost more trouble that it's worth, and that double sided tape can do only so much. I was pretty disappointed with the result on the day, as it felt really thrown together. But in hindsight I think it looks really kickass, and I can be really proud of this, especially as I was such a beginner and learned so much making it. Go me! :)


Batsu Ichimonji said...

Nice cosplay man, im envious of it! Anyways what is Jin's Kazama's shoes called!? the red and white ones..

mike said...

damn dude...awesome...i want too :) is it for sale? :P