Saturday, August 9, 2008

D&D dicebag

Posted in my general blog in July '07:
One of my recent projects was one of epically geeky proportions - a sweet pouch for my boyfriend's many Dungeons and Dragons dice. He wanted something cool to carry them around from game to game in, and asked me to use my (modest) crafty skills for good instead of evil. We put our heads together and decided than an awesome velvet bag would be the ultimate in ironic nerdly stylings.

So after a very simple construction, followed by an inordinate amount of dicking around with the drawstring, the bag was done and ready for gaming. Here are some pix and notes for posterity (sorry about the slight blurriness of the photos! I'm a nub at using Enk's camera)!

1) The boyf's nick online is Sen (Japanese for 'a thousand') and he asked me to put the kanji symbol somewhere on the bag. I found a pic online, enlarged it, placed a piece of white felt on the screen and traced it onto the fabric in pencil. It's a weird idea, but it totally works! I cut it out and embroidered it onto the un-sewed velvet.

2) The bag is lined with black drill for manly toughness. In fact, the idea was to make this as manly and butch as a little velvet bag could possibly be. Lol.

3) The drawstring was a real bitch. I started with a piece of shiny braided cord, but the twistiness, matched with the phatty thickness of the fabric, meant that the bag wouldn't close all the way. I ended up buying a $2 multipack of cheapass shoe laces and plaited three of them together, tipping them with some silver leather clasps covered by a pair of dice-style black beads. Worked ok in the end.

4) End result? According to aforementioned Sen, "Heaps pro, Katey!". Zang. :D

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